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dinsdag 10 september 2013

Pin cushion blog hop Pin it!

My contribution to this Pin Cushion Blog hop, is this cute pin cushion with a hole in the middle. Why a hole? This way you can hang it anywhere you like! On your sewing machine or doorknob, or even on a tree branch outside. ;)

Or you can pin it on a pin cushion holder like I did. :) This rosewood pin cushion base was given to me on my birthday and so I had to make a beautiful pin cushion that would fit perfectly on it.
That's why I made my first purple pin cushion with embroidery, as a little extra at the Tammy bag blog hop. 

But as you can never have enough of these pin cushions, I decided to make a few more. Because really, you can use them anywhere. Now I can have one in my sewing room, one in the living room, one for on the road..
And you can make it as big or small as you want to!

The tutorial is very short and the pin cushion is very easy to make.
Just make a ball, any pattern will do. But add a little piece of fabric for a tube inside the ball. This tube must be shorter than the height of the pattern pieces. 

The other important change: Leave a little opening at the top and at the bottom. That's where the tube has to be sewn in.

As you can see, I have made two examples. One by hand and one by machine. You can choose on how to make it.

The tricky part is sewing the tube in it's place. That has to be done by hand. With a pencil in the tube, it's easier to see where to sew it together!

If you want to follow a pattern for this specific pin cushion, check out  my drawings and cut six pieces of the orange peel like shape and one tube for the inside.

Fill it up, still with the pencil in the tube and close the gap. Finished!

Use a safety pin to easily get the rope through!
I used this beautiful Moda fabric because I love looking at it, but naturally you can also embellish your pin cushion any way you want!  

The other pin cushion I have made for the blog hop, was made in a beautiful heartshaped tin I had in my collection for years. I never knew what to do with it untill this bloghop came around! 

As you can see, the little tin is big enough for the pin cushion in the lid and some of the most essential sewing stuff. This tin is very precious to me and this way I have a smile on my face every time I use it. :)

The base of this pin cushion was an old embroidery I once made. And the bottom is made from a piece of crazy patchwork that was just lying around. I've glued it together with my glue gun and now the tin is perfect for my everyday use!

Thanks Mdm Samm from Sew we quilt and Kristen from Meadowbrook for letting me participate in this fun blog hop!

Visit the other Pin it blog hoppers today!

September 10
Gingini that's me!

99 opmerkingen:

Corina zei

Super leuk en creatief Gina! Het appeltje is leuk zowel op z'n standaardje als zonder. en dat blikje is ook wel super schattig geworden (verrassend kleurtje voor jou!)

Jeanneke zei

Fantastisch ontwerp en geweldige uitleg; mooi, duidelijk en handig!!
Het hart in een doosje is een schatje.


Britt-Inger zei

Your pincushion apple is sew cute and I love love the pincushion tin. Thank you for sharing your creativity and being part of this blog hop.

cucki zei

So so pretty x

Karin zei

Wow! Dat steeltje wat boven die appel uitkomt, helemaal perfect! Maar je hartje heeft mijn hart gestolen ;) Wat een schatje is dat. Koesteren!

Sunshine Girl zei

Your pincushion is fabulous and thanks for the great tutorial - I love the tin also and how lovely that you can use it daily and it makes you happy - that's what crafting/sewing is all about!

charlotte zei

Great job. Such a beautiful and unique pin cushion.

Thearica zei

I have never seen a pin cushion holder before... I have to google that! Love your pincushions!

Shari zei

Hmmm, a pin cushion holder? Never seen one but it has my interest now. Great tutorial. I especially love how you hung them like ornaments. At Christmas, I love to decorate my dining room ceiling with hanging paper snowflakes, now I also have a really cool idea for my sewing room! Thanks for the inspiration.

Frederika zei

Wow so great. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.
Wat een leukerds zeg. En reuze handig ook. Wat fijn dat je deelt hoe ze gemaakt zijn. Groetjes Frederika

Debby zei

Your pincushions are lovely - you are brave to sew those curves, but the result is beautiful. But the little heart tin turned cushion is my favorite - very clever!

MOMENTS Designs zei

Love the Rosewood pincushion holder !!
What a great idea!

Sheila zei

Wonderful pincushions and thanks for the tutorial on how it was made , the heart shaped pincushion looks sweet in the special tin . Thanks for sharing.

Els zei

Mooi!!! Leuk ontwerp ook.

Marjorie's Busy Corner zei

great tutorial!! love your pin cushions

DeborahGun zei

fun idea and thanks for the tutorial.

Elizabeth Coughlin zei

Smart ideas and wonderful pincushions!

Martina zei

Great pincushions! Thanks so much for the tuto. And I love the one in the heart very much!

DeAnna zei

I love them all. Thanks for the tutorial. I love the heart! Thanks for sharing.

Ale jc zei

ohhh how lovely...and the idea of the piece of wood...terrific my dear

Siouxzq64@gmail.com zei

I am always discovering new "old" sewing objects. What a great idea for the handle, and it is beautiful. Also great idea to use the little tin, and the stitchery and crazy quilt in the bottom are gorgeous.

baukje zei

Ook ik heb nog nooit gehoord van een pincushion holder en dan nogwel zo' mooie houten. Je hebt er weer veel werk van gemaakt met een mooie uitleg en een prachtig resultaat. ik ga er eens lekker voor zitten en de anderen bezoeken......

Kathy @ Kwilty Pleasures zei

Thanks for sharing your fun pincushions.

Needled Mom zei

That is very cute. You did such a nice job on it too.

Gill zei

Thank you for sharing!

Kristen King zei

What wonderful pincushions. That heart is just amazing! :)

Heidi [Banks of Frog Creek] zei

I've never seen a pincushion holder like that before! Love your cushions :)

Carol S. zei

Interesting pincushion holder...I've never seen one of those before. I love the hole in the center idea and that tin looks beautiful with your pincushion. Thanks for sharing your lovely pincushions!

legato1958 zei

Your ideas are beautiful and smart! I love how use your heart and keep the memories close by you!


Margaret zei

thank you for sharing. Your idea has inspired me to make a pinchusion out of one of my treasures.

Heleen Groot zei

Wat mooi! Ik had nog nooit een speldenkussenhouder gezien! Dank je voor de tutorial, moet ik maar eens gaan proberen (wij speldenkussenverslaafden moeten iets, tenslotte!). Ik vind het blikje helemaal geweldig. Geen wonder dat het een speciaal plaatsje in je hart heeft! Super gedaan!

Connie Kresin Campbell zei

What precious pincushions, thanks for sharing!

Vickie zei

What a neat pi cushion ! I have never heard of a pi cushion base, it's very pretty wood. Great job you did on all !

beaquilter zei

these are SEW nice! great job

Quilting Tangent zei

I like your pin cushions, love the idea of storing sewing supplies in the cushion base.

Mary zei

Great ideas for pincushions.Love the ball.Thank you for sharing.

Joke zei

Gina, je hebt jezelf weer eens overtroffen. Prachtige pincushions, zowel de hangende, de staande als het doosje. En mét tutorial, dankjewel!!

Kathy H zei

Great pin cushion projects.

Linda zei

What a great idea! I love that you can hang the pin cushion or put it on a base. I also love the little heart tin. How sweet!

Rebeckah Austin zei

Great ideas!

Cherry's Prairie Primitives zei

Super cute!!!

Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio zei

Great pincushion!

Tammy zei

Neat idea. Hanging pin cushion. They turned out really cute.

Leah zei

Lovely! Thanks for the "how to". Great pictures.

Amy DeCesare zei

Both of your pincushions are so clever and pretty - so glad you are blog hopping today!

Terry@ a quilting blog zei

Love your cute 'hanging' pin cushions..thanks for sharing!

Judy B zei

Lovely pin cushions! Thank you for sharing.

tink's mom zei

I've never seen that wooden pin cushion base before, very clever. Thanks for sharing the tutorial with us. Also love the heart sewing kit. well done all the way around

Lou zei

Great job!
I also have never seen a base like that before:)

gpc zei

Lovely pin cushions! :)

Amy zei

They are quite lovely. I have never seen anything like that before.

Stitches zei

I have never seen or heard of a pincushion holder, it looks very interesting though..and I love your pincushions also, Very pretty!!

Leslie zei

Cute pincushion and a tutorial, too. What fun!

Marcy zei

Oh so cute. Thanks for the tutorial.

Debi zei

Lovely and so portable. Thanks for sharing your creations!

Pauline zei

Oh my, you made real Gingini pin cushions, always original and with a great tutorial for the interested! You are very generous, Gini, and your pin cushions are great!

krislovesfabric zei

Nice work, looks great1

Carla zei

Thanks for showing the step you took to make your pin cushions. I enjoyed your post. Nice work.

Audrey zei

Very cute pincushions. Thanks for sharing.

evelyn zei

Very original ideas. Love them both.

KaHolly zei

So very clever!! Thanks for sharing your good ideas, and taking the time to do a tutorial. Much appreciated.

Jane S. zei

Very imaginative! I love them both. :)

Bente-I like to QuiltBlog zei

Wonderful and very useful pincushions.
Thanks for sharing the tutorial Gingini,
so kind of you ☺
Liebe Grüße

Robin zei

Oh, I love that little heart tin! It turned out quite beautifully. The balls are very handy. Great job on both.

Myra zei

So cute. I love the tin.

Sue zei

I love both of your pincushions! They are great.

Pieced Brain Quilt Designs zei

They are both so original! What a wonderful idea to have a pin cushion with a hole in the middle. Thanks for the tutorial!

jan zei

This is really a great idea. So cute. Thank you for the tutorial too. And I love the repurposed tin and embroidery.
Thank you for sharing with us.
xo jan@sewandsowfarm

Janarama zei

I never saw a pin cushion base before. All of your pin cushions are adorable.

maggie zei

Lovely pincushion. And a great idea!
Thanks for sharing.


pinsandneedles zei

Thanks for sharing your tutorial and pattern. So special to use a special tin as a pincushion. Cute!

Patty zei

Thanks for sharing!

Suze zei

What amazing pin cushions! Thanks for the great tutorial. I would never have thought to put a casing through the middle. What a great, great idea! I love the stitching you did for the case. I have some stitchings, maybe none that small that I definitely need to use. Maybe I can do something similar with them. Thanks for participating and being a great inspiration.

LJ zei

How innovative to make a pincushion that can be hung. I already have a couple of ideas for places to hang them. Your heart tin is adorable - amazing that the embroidery work fit perfectly and I love the idea to line the inside, too.

Gmama Jane zei

Adorable Pin-It's! Everyone is so creative when it comes to pincushions. I plan to make some for Christmas presents.
Pinning Blessings
Gmama Jane

Gmama Jane zei

Adorable Pin-It's! Everyone is so creative when it comes to pincushions. I plan to make some for Christmas presents.
Pinning Blessings
Gmama Jane

Gmama Jane zei

Adorable Pin-It's! Everyone is so creative when it comes to pincushions. I plan to make some for Christmas presents.
Pinning Blessings
Gmama Jane

Createology zei

How very clever of you to make a hanging pincushion. This is brilliant. Thank you for a very fun hop...

Lydsfire zei

These are lovely pin cushions!

Cindy zei

They are all wonderful!

Rita Janssen zei

Wat een leuke tutorial Ginni, klaar en duidelijk! Je verwent ons :)
Het zijn prachtige speldenkussens allebei, je hebt er echt wel talent voor!
Grtjes, rita.

Deb@asimplelifequilts zei

Such beautiful work... wonderful pincushions!

Just Quilt It zei

Thanks for the tutorial. I have never seen a pincushion base before. It made a great pincushion. The heart cushion is lovely! Beautiful work!

Scrapbook-ChickADoodle zei

Wonderful pin cushions! Thanks for sharing and the tutorial.

Judy Cooper Textile Artist zei

Beautiful pincushions. Thanks for sharing and the tutorial.

Susie zei

Hi Gingini What great pincushions and if they are in Christmas fabric you could hang them on the Christmas tree. I love them. Thanks for the Tutorial. Susie x

Emily C zei

Very nice work. I love the tincushion.

Brandy zei

What a wonderful use for your heart tin, and a great way to keep something so dear close to you. Thank you for sharing with us!
brandizzle7133 at yahoo dot com

In stitches and seams zei

what a great idea to have a tube run through the middle..... I have a thought for a mini onethat I will have to try out sometime.
thanks so much for sharing with us
in stitches

Phyllis zei

Thanks for the great tutorial!

Sandy zei

So clever and cute! Thanks for the pictures on how to make it.

Calicojoan zei

Beautiful! Love how you have done that!

Michele zei

I've never seen a pincushion holder before. That is a great idea.

Linda C zei

what a clever idea--the stand is lovely so it would be a shame not to use it for your pincushion. How sweet is your tin version too.

Sewbig zei

Very clever and practical!

DebraKay Neiman zei

The pincushion holder is great - never saw that before

carla zei

Hi!!! I love your heart tin pincushion!!! Thanks for the tutorial it makes a very pretty pinnie!!!!

Marga (MarPie) zei

Grappig een speldenkussen wat hangt, dank je wel voor het patroon.


Deonn @ Quiltscapes zei

A great idea - the pincushion with the hole in the middle! And thank you for your tutorial, too! I will have to try this. Oh, nice little tin heart pincushion - perfect!

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