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vrijdag 27 september 2013

My Groovy Thing! Let's Twist to the sixties Blog hop

This blog hop is dynomite! 
I love all retro things from the sixties and I've had so much fun browsing through the other entries to see what they had made. I can tell you their quilts are looking freakin' wicked!

But let's talk about my groovy quilt. I felt so happy making it!
It reminds me of long hot summers, hotpants, long hair, hanging out in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam, doing Tienertour, peace signs everywhere and of course the Make Love not War posters we all had.
Our school agenda's were full of those big, inflated characters we drew on everything! Well, I did. ;)
It's something that screams 'sixties' to me! Add that I really dig batiks and you'll understand that a plan was soon made!

This is how I started last week. I just drew the text on a big 'peace' of paper and started cutting my batiks.

Then I appliquéd the words and added some hearts. Looking funky already!

No time for handstitching, this was a hurry-up project!

When finished I decided I should add more color. There obiously was something missing.

So I added another powerful batik an cut some points in it.

I thought of framing this one, but ai! No way I'm going to cut of those points! Too bad, but now it doesn't matter how big it gets... I could take it to the Max and add some splashes. :D

After that I doubled the quilt and I could finaly start quilting!

With this totally awesome gem as a result. I'm keeping it on my dinertable for a while.
I love the bright colors in these dark Fall days. Now let's boogie!

Thank you Mdm Samm and of course  Mary, for this really fun hop!

Don't forget to take a look at the other participants of today's hop!

61 opmerkingen:

Judy B zei

What a wonderful table topper, sew 60's! Thank you for sharing.

feltfree på Åsly zei

Wat een kleurenspectakel. Mooi hoor. So colorful. Thanks for sharing. Fijn weekend Frederika

Aimee zei

That's gorgeous. Absolutely alive with color. I can see why you'd want to keep that out on your table.

Anoniem zei

That is GREAT, you did a colourful job and I love your table runner, just the right thing for days like todays, where it is raininnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng .....
Thanks for sharing

Mdm Samm zei

Goood Morning my sweet lady, what a beautiful table topper, and your message can be heard loud and clear...MORE LOVE pouring your way ...

withajoyfulheart zei

Really like this project. So very pretty!

Vickie zei

That is one bright and beautiful table topper !

Marjorie's Busy Corner zei

It is so lovely and cheerful!!!

StitchinByTheLake zei

I love this! blessings, marlene

Valerie Smith/Pumpkin Patch Quilter zei

Beautiful!! I love this - the quilting really just sets it off :)

Elizabeth Coughlin zei

Beautiful table topper!

Karin zei

Geweldige quilt!! De kleuren, de vorm, de letters... De sixties is van voor mijn tijd, maar die letters niet. Die stonden bij mij ook overal op waar je ze maar op kon zetten. Leuk!

Carla zei

This just makes me smile. I just love the bright colors of batiks. Nice project and thanks for sharing.

Margaret zei

I am loving these bright colored batik projects. Yours is very clever and beautiful. Thanks for sharing

Connie zei

Oh my gosh this is just beautiful and definitely screams 60's!!!

Heidi [Banks of Frog Creek] zei

Perfect for the groovy 60s!

Britt-Inger zei

Oh I love, love it. It is so bright and it is rocking. Thanks for sharing

Rose Best zei

I so love the colours, just so bright and different

Leah zei

This is a great project! thanks for the step by step photos they are wonderful!

Linda zei

I love it! It would be so much fun to eat breakfast at that table. You would feel instantly cheerful!

Linda J zei

Really cool! The bright colors will cheer up any cold fall, winter day!

Jeanie zei

This table topper is just full of the sixties vibe! Love the fabrics and the happy thoughts it brings to mind. Thanks for sharing this great project!

Thearica zei

WOW! Loving this one for sure!

MooseStash Quilting zei

Oh my gosh, that is just too much fun. Love to see the process you took to come up with such a fabulous project! I wanna go play now!

Frances Campbell zei

What a cheerful project. Thank you for sharing the steps as you stitched along. It is so alive with color it would brighten any day. Very groovy.

Frances Campbell zei

What a cheerful project. Thank you for sharing the steps as you stitched along. It is so alive with color it would brighten any day. Very groovy.

Frances Campbell zei

What a cheerful project. Thank you for sharing the steps as you stitched along. It is so alive with color it would brighten any day. Very groovy.

Carol zei

This is so beautiful, colorful, and cheery...it looks gorgeous on your table! Very, very groovy, too!

Sarah zei

A fabulous project! Lvoe the batiks and it looks perfect on your table. It must make you smile every time you walk by...

patchouli moon studio zei

Far-out!!! Groovy and outta sight!!! I can really dig that cool table runner. Peace baby.

Mary zei

Wow! This is a great table topper. Love all of your bright beautiful batiks. Thank you for sharing and being part of this great hop.

Heleen Groot zei

Wauw! Ik zie sterretjes! Wat een geweldige quilt is het geworden. Leuk ook om je proces mee te beleven. Ben ik toch een beetje in de jaren 60 geweest.....die heb ik namelijk gemist (maar net hoor, geboren in 1970). Ik begin daar steeds meer spijt van te krijgen tijdens deze hop! Dank je wel voor je prachtige twist on the sixties!

Elni Langeveld zei

Nou, dat spettert inderdaad Gina, lekker flitsend!!
Groeten van Elni

Just Quilt It zei

This is a great representation of the 60's! Well done!

JanesQuilting zei

That is solo Groovy. I love it. It really will brighten any room.

madebymeinred zei

Yes, it is truly the 60s. Great creation and wonderful colors.

Joyce Carter zei

WOW! This is so pretty. I just love the colors. Great job. Thank you for sharing.

barb zei

What a great job!babscorbitt@ gmail dot com

Jane S. zei

I love that! It's so bright and...well, groovy! :)

Lori zei

oh my goodness, this is so awesome. You did such a fantastic job. And so very creative too. Thanks for sharing.

Joke zei

What a great blogpost and even greater tablerunner. It screams the sixties!

Bente-I like to QuiltBlog zei

Wow your tabletopper is absoutely stunning!
Beautiful work and great post.
Thanks for sharing.
Liebe Grüße

Beverly Kirk zei

Great minds think alike...... your work is beautiful!

Createology zei

Your groovy flower power make love not war bright hippie colors is right on. I'm diggin it. Looks like something I saw on a VW bus in the 60's. Yes I lived through them. Thank you for hopping. Creative Stitching Bliss...

legato1958 zei

Beautiful and fits the blog hop theme perfectly!

maggie zei

Wonderful project! Very cool!


Bluequilt zei

Beautiful table cover. Thanks for your creativity.

Sandy zei

Such a cute tabletopper. Thanks for sharing with us.

Nancy M. zei

your table topper is groovy, cool and down right 60's. Love how you just started with a design and ended up with a really cool tablerunner

Nancy M. zei

your table topper is groovy, cool and down right 60's. Love how you just started with a design and ended up with a really cool tablerunner

Amy zei

What an cool table runner. So groovy! ;)

Emily C zei

Very nice. Great job.

jan zei

Oh I love it - it grew and grew and grew until it was perfect! I love the bright colors.
xo jan@sewandsowfarm

Janarama zei

Your table topper is absolutely stunning! Love the bright colors and the quilting. I like how you showed your idea from beginning to the end.

Suze zei

Your table topper is a stunner! I enjoyed reading about your thought process. Each addition to the topper just made it become more and more alive. It is beautiful. Thanks for participating, inspiring us, and sharing your creativity.

Debby zei

I have that green with dots batik fabric, too! You did a wonderfully creative thing with it and I love it all. The finished table topper is a beauty. Thanks for sharing your steps!

Pauline zei

Meid, wat een feest om naar te kijken, wat een tijden waren de 60s, daar is veel goeds uit voortgekomen, jouw prachtige table topper bijvoorbeeld!

Kristen King zei

Very creative! :)

LJ zei

Your quilt is awesome and definitely groovey. The colors are perfect for the psychogenic colors that were the rage in the 60s. Love your echo quilting around the spikes!

charlotte zei

Truly awesome job. I love the colors and the way it all came together. Should brightne your table top for a long time.

Robin zei

That is one beautiful table topper! Great job. I love how bright and fun it is!

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